Why Pursue an MBBS in Vietnam?

The road to a happy medical career can often be difficult for Indian students with aspirations of becoming doctors. High tuition costs and competitive entrance tests like the NEET can be obstacles. What if there was a different option, though? Presenting Vietnam, a country in Southeast Asia that is quickly becoming a popular choice for prospective medical professionals from India and other countries. A successful and fulfilling academic journey is made possible by Vietnam’s alluring offer of excellent education at an affordable price, along with a nurturing environment.

Excellent Cost-Effectiveness

The cost-effectiveness of MBBS education in Vietnam is among its biggest benefits. In contrast to well-known medical education hotspots such as the US and Australia, Vietnam offers substantially cheaper tuition. This increases the accessibility of high-quality medical education for Indian students from a range of financial circumstances. The financial feasibility becomes even more appealing when the duration of the trip is taken into account.  Just a 4-hour flight from India reduces the emotional and practical strain of regular trips to relatives and the difficulties associated with homesickness.

A Commitment to Quality Education with Affordability

Another strong argument in favor of getting an MBBS degree in Vietnam is the country’s commitment to excellence in education. The higher education system of the nation has had notable enhancements since the enactment of the “Law of Education” in 2013. Vietnamese medical schools now have high standards, guaranteeing that students obtain a comprehensive education that satisfies global requirements. Vietnamese institutions are becoming more and more prominent in the world’s top medical school rankings, which is indicative of their dedication to excellence. 

A Safe and Friendly Environment 

Students who are traveling overseas have the utmost concerns about safety and security. Vietnam is also excellent in this regard. The nation possesses a strong healthcare system and handled the COVID-19 outbreak well. Vietnam offers a safe environment for students to concentrate on their studies because it is a politically stable and well-known safe country. Furthermore, the expanding Indian community in Vietnam contributes to a feeling of cultural familiarity that eases the adjustment and reduces the worries that come with studying abroad. 

Simplified Application Procedure

Another benefit for Indian students studying in Vietnam is the simplified application process. There is no longer a need to take supplementary entrance tests because many universities accept NEET scores. There are also many opportunities for English-medium teaching, which eliminates entry-level language obstacles. Vietnam offers two main MBBS programs that accommodate various preferences:

  1. Undergraduate Program, Six Years: You can enroll in this direct admission program right away after passing the Indian 12th grade exams.
  2.  Three + Four Year Program: This choice provides a more thorough path. Before beginning the core MBBS curriculum, students first finish a 3-year physician assistant program and then a 4-year medical entry program, which gives them a greater grasp of the medical sector.

Choosing your Ideal Fit

Selecting the best medical school in Vietnam might be difficult due to the wide variety of options available. The following are important things Indian students need to think about:

University Reputation and Ranking: Research universities have a constant ranking among Vietnam’s best medical schools. The best colleges are those with a solid reputation and high student satisfaction ratings.

Accreditation and Program Structure: Make sure the program is accredited by an international or regional body (e.g., WHO, ECFMG) and that it follows your chosen MBBS track.

Faculty and Facilities: Take into account colleges with knowledgeable instructors, up-to-date facilities, and convenient access to well-equipped hospitals for hands-on training. Seek courses that provide you with early clinical experience to enhance your education.

Help for Indian Students: Colleges with specialized support networks for overseas students, particularly those who are acquainted with Indian standards, will be of great use to you while you are a student.

Language and Curriculum:  Choose a course of study that meets your needs and can be taught in English, if required. 

Vietnam’s Top Medical Schools for Indian Students

This article highlights a few of Vietnam’s most esteemed medical colleges that are perfect for Indian applicants pursuing an MBBS degree:

University of Hanoi (HMU): HMU, a distinguished university with a long history, provides a highly regarded six-year curriculum in general medicine along with extra choices in traditional and preventive medicine. Experienced instructors, opportunities for clinical exposure through internships at the university’s own hospital, and international relationships through exchange programs are all beneficial to students.

Ho Chi Minh City’s University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMP.HCM): Established in 1947, UMP.HCM is a renowned university providing an extensive array of healthcare disciplines. Students who complete their well-regarded undergraduate and graduate programs are awarded with access to a modern hospital for hands-on instruction, among other on-campus amenities, students receive a well-rounded education.

International University of Hong Bang (HIU): The distinctive offerings of this university make it stand out. Three US educational organizations have recognized HIU’s curriculum, which adheres to American standards. Acknowledged by the Vietnamese government for its superior education, HIU offers Indian students a contemporary campus setting with various benefits:

  • Early clinical training begins in the second year, enabling students to have practical experience in addition to their theoretical studies.
  • A syllabus that is specifically designed to correspond with Indian educational backgrounds. 
  • Placement assistance at their multispecialty hospital on-site, giving graduates invaluable practical experience.

Beyond the Degree: A Vast Universe of Possibilities 

A renowned Vietnamese university’s MBBS degree gives opportunities to a wide range of employment paths. Indian graduates are capable of:

  • Return to India and Practice Medicine: Graduates can seek a fulfilling medical career in India after passing the required screening exams administered by the National Medical Commission (NMC).
  • Pursue Higher Education: Vietnam offers opportunities for postgraduate studies in various medical specialties.
  • Practice Medicine Internationally: Graduates can pursue international career aspirations by passing relevant licensing exams such as the USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK), or equivalent qualifications for other countries. 


With this comprehensive overview, you’re well-equipped to begin your research into medical schools in Vietnam. Explore university websites, connect with current students, and attend virtual information sessions to find the perfect fit for your academic aspirations. As you embark on this exciting journey, remember, Vietnam offers a vibrant and welcoming environment where you can nurture your medical dreams and build a rewarding career in healthcare.

Studying MBBS in Vietnam offers a unique and compelling opportunity for Indian students to pursue their medical careers in a supportive and cost-effective environment. With its high-quality education, strong infrastructure, cultural familiarity, and diverse career paths, Vietnam can be your stepping stone to a successful and fulfilling medical profession. Take the first step towards your dream career and explore the exciting possibilities of studying MBBS in Vietnam!

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